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Parish Renewal Services

Becoming an Easter Parish
Developing Ecclesial Teamwork

Today, we live with major stresses: personal crises, parishes merging, a bad economy, war and terrorist threats, family members' addictions, predictions of environmental disasters, a pro-abortion President ... and so much more. How do we restore Christ's peace? Terry Modica is ready to come to your church to provide answers that build:

  • personal faith
  • loyalty to the local parish
  • a spirit of activism in ministry and outreach

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Becoming an Easter Parish
A parish mission in three or four evenings.

Purpose: To enliven and activate parishioners to become more involved in parish life, to embrace full participatory stewardship, and to continue their faith formation in order to grow in their Catholic knowledge and spirituality.

Theme: With the Eucharist as the source and summit of our faith, a parish can identify and draw upon its strengths and vision to build parish unity, excellence in mission, and increased volunteerism, in a spirit of collaboration, healing, and giftedness.

How is this accomplished? Each evening will be built on the theology of the Holy Week Triduum:

  1. Holy Thursday
    The call to be united to Jesus in the Eucharist and how that affects us when we consciously participate in the Mass.
  2. Good Friday
    The mystical experience of connecting our sufferings to the passion of Christ, which heals us and assists Christ in his redemption plan for others.
  3. Easter
    Meant to be experienced every Sunday, we are empowered by the Father to have a resurrected life full of new joys and victories.
  4. Pentecost
    The mission and power we all have to continue the ministry of Christ by discovering and utilizing our particular gifts and talents and our unique calling.

This mission speaks to the congregation on two levels: personal and community. While it ministers to individuals in their own particular journeys, it will also help them see themselves as important members of a parish community living the Triduum year-round in its Eucharistic ministry and in the challenges and hardships being faced as a community and in the rising up to become stronger in outreach and effectiveness.

If the parish has been suffering through any particularly difficult wound or divisive controversy, this parish mission will be tailored to your situation to restore parish health and holiness in an atmosphere of mutual respect. There is no blame-casting, no taking sides, only healing.

Optional follow-up: During the parish mission, participants will be invited and strongly encouraged to join small group, ministry-based discussions over the next four weeks to assimilate what was learned during the mission and plan how to implement ideas over the next year. Materials for this will be purchased as PDF files ready for printing.

Pre-mission option: Local staff or ministry leaders can set the stage for the parish mission with the 3-part "Life in the Trinity" PowerPoint series.

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