Parish Renewal Services
Catholic retreats and parish missions for building
enthusiastic involvement in time, talents, and treasures.

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Parish Renewal Services

Sample Letter 1:
How to gain respect and fair treatment
For the pastor, parish manager and/or human resources director

As an employee of ________ Parish, being treated in a fair and just manner, with civil tones of voices and respect, will bring out the ‘best’ in me. I will accept and graciously welcome constructive criticisms. However, I don’t perform well if I am being yelled at or harshly criticized when an error occurs. This type of behavior is totally unproductive, not to mention demeaning and embarrassing to the parties involved, and it makes this church a very uncomfortable and unwelcome place in which to work.

When I receive respect and trust in my abilities, I will have a clear mind and an eager willingness to take the following actions should an error occur; I will:

  1. Immediately correct the error.
  2. Make a full examination as to why the error occurred.
  3. Devise a process or create a system that will eliminate the possibility of this error recurring in the future.

For me to do my job well, I will need:

  1. A clear vision of what my assignments are and what tools and assistance will be made available for me to accomplish the job.
  2. A set of obtainable goals to better serve this parish, which will enhance my own personal growth potential.

For new work that's given to me, once I have reached a reasonable learning curve (6 months for a new role or 3 months for a new major project), I expect to take full responsibility of the job, and when applicable, be allowed to use some of my own skills and techniques learned over the years to streamline and make the job more efficient and error resistant and more successful in fulfilling the pastor's vision of what I should accomplish.