Parish Renewal Services
Catholic retreats and parish missions for building
enthusiastic involvement in time, talents, and treasures.

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Parish Renewal Services

Rising from the dust and dirt of scandals

No more shall people call you “Forsaken“ or your land “Desolate,“
but you shall be called “My Delight” and your land “Espoused.”
For the LORD delights in you....
~ Isaiah 62:4

"The Lord challenges our faith to do something new, precisely when so many things are collapsing in the Church." ~ St. Arnold Janssen (1837-1909)

Ready for a new dawn?
Let your hearts take comfort, all who hope in the Lord. (Ps 31:25)

With the Eucharistic Christ as your Healer and Mentor,
identify and draw upon your strengths and vision
to build parish unity, excellence in mission, and increased volunteerism,
in a spirit of collaboration, healing, and giftedness.