Parish Renewal Services
Catholic retreats and parish missions for building
enthusiastic involvement in time, talents, and treasures.

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Parish Renewal Services

Parish Strategies

Here's a list of tips, and nuggets of information excerpted from the parish retreats and workshops that we give.

The Authority of Compassion
by Father Henri Nouwen

The Church often wounds us deeply. People with religious authority often wound us by their words, attitudes, and demands.

Precisely because our religion brings us in touch with the questions of life and death, our religious sensibilities can get hurt most easily. Ministers and priests seldom fully realize how a critical remark, a gesture of rejection, or an act of impatience can be remembered for life by those to whom it is directed.

There is such an enormous hunger for meaning in life, for comfort and consolation, for forgiveness and reconciliation, for restoration and healing, that anyone who has any authority in the Church should constantly be reminded that the best word to characterize religious authority is compassion. Let's keep looking at Jesus whose authority was expressed in compassion.

Parish Renewal Services
   assisting the clergy
   and the laity
 in restoring parish health and holiness
 in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Host a parish retreat. With the Eucharistic Christ as your Healer and Mentor, identify and draw upon your strengths and vision to build parish unity, excellence in mission, and increased volunteerism, in a spirit of collaboration, healing, and giftedness.