Parish Renewal Services
Catholic retreats and parish missions for building
enthusiastic involvement in time, talents, and treasures.

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Parish Renewal Services

3 steps in a good problem-solving session

  1. Identify questions that need answers. Shape those answers as solutions.
    For example:
    • How do we ____________________ ?
    • What can we do to ______________ ?
  2. In finding solutions, draw up a plan of action.
    For example:
    • In answer to "What can we do to build a sense of community among our staff members?" we should learn to enjoy each other more and relax around each other. We need to have some fun together, instead of only working together.
  3. Turn this into a list of do-able activities. Each item on this list should start with a verb. For example:
    • Get together every other month to simply have fun together.
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